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Mr. Makoto KadotaniMr. Yutaka Kadotani

Pushing the limits of design using metal by incorporating titanium

President and Representative Director, Makoto Kadotani
President, Yutaka Kadotani

The top manufacturer and pioneer in designed metal polishing.

Many international architects and interior designers specifically employ this company's
services, making it a leading company that supports the designs of many famous structures
all over the world.

The illustrative achievements of the company have earned Mr. Kadotani
the Order of the Rising Sun, Silver Rays Award.

The company has helped in part with the designing titanium TranTixxii brand,
proposing unique designs with the material.

Their expressive designs have garnered attention in their groundbreaking products.

About the company

Our company was founded by the former head of the Fukuoka Sales Office at Nippon Stainless Co., Ltd. (located in Joetsu City, Niigata Prefecture), one of the predecessor companies of Nippon Steel. As the stainless steel industry made great strides during the era of high economic growth, the company focused on design polishing to establish its unique position.

Although our share in the overall stainless steel polishing industry is not that large, we pride ourselves as a cutting-edge company within the design polishing cluster with our unique, unparalleled technology.

Some of our past works include Walt Disney Concert Hall and buildings in New York, along with many other high-end constructions.

Left: Walt Disney Concert Hall   Right: New York by Gehry

Our history with the designing titanium TranTixxii

Around the year 2003, we had the opportunity to come in contact with titanium when considering the application of ion plating technology to titanium. Through this, we took the special polishing technologies that we cultivated through polishing stainless steel and successfully applied them to titanium. At first, we felt that the material was expensive and difficult to work with, and we were not very enthusiastic about the idea. However, when we actually worked with the material, we surprised by the unique sheen and texture that it demonstrated in contrast to stainless steel and aluminum, and we noticed the wide variety of design applications that it could feature in. Even since then, we have been obsessed with the charm of titanium.

In 2006, joint research and development with Nippon Steel led to development of technologies for producing luxurious gold designs with ion plating. These designs also demonstrated excellent outdoor durability and versatile designs, and our company went to receive a Monodzukuri Nippon Grand Award. Following this, we have applied for two joint patents that have been registered.

Our mission is to contribute to society through the design and function of metal materials. Titanium is a material that offers versatile design while being extremely durable. It maintains its beauty under a wide range of harsh conditions, and can protect a region's culture, history, and people's sentiments over the generations through buildings, monuments, and other objects.

The anticipation and passion we have towards TranTixxii titanium has led us to the Reiwa memorial project at Dazaifu City. Through our feelings toward Dazaifu, we seek to weave the threads of history together and to deliver the sentiments of current-day Japanese people to the future. Propelled by these feelings, we worked on the construction of the Reiwa monument using TranTixxii.

Our thoughts on metal polishing and our focus on titanium

In a way, polishing technologies have contributed towards a boost in the demand for stainless steel. This is not simply because the metal has a beautiful aesthetic. Food and medical utensils call require surfaces to be polished for a high level of cleanliness. Work has progressed to achieve effects such as improved external appearance and particle control through semiconductors and liquid crystal manufacturing equipment. We are passionate about contributing to society through polishing work using the designing titanium TranTixxii, as it allows us to harness the power of many various polishing techniques that could not be used with stainless steel.

Furthermore, we want to release high-end design titanium with extraordinary corrosion-resistance and one-of-a-kind designs across the world through a combination incorporating the vacuum deposition technology that we are conducting research and development work in together with Nippon Steel.

Future outlook and expectations for TranTixxii

When looking from a global perspective, we can see some examples where certain materials represent specific regions, such as stone from Italy or leather from Germany. We believe this is because these regions produce brands that draw people to them.

We hope one day that Japan will be known as the country that boasts beautiful titanium, and quintessentially Japanese designing titanium. To make this a reality, our company will make full efforts to realize our promise as "Metal Makeup Artists," working towards our goal to become the world's foremost decorative metal manufacturer. To this end, we will further refine our skills and make full use of customized design polishing and vapor deposition techniques as we play a supporting role in promoting Japan's designing titanium across the world.

Metal Makeup Artists take it upon themselves to serve as "experts in combining polishing and coating technologies with the heart of an artist."

This is the corporate spirit of our founder, who established the company with a wish to contribute to society and earn recognition for its value. We will progress forward with TranTixxii and with Japanese technology that has undergone a unique process of evolution.

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