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What is TranTixxii?

TranTixxii is defined as the “titanium product providing its elegance” and "titanium material developed to provide its elegance”.

What is the material of TranTixxii?

Titanium having a purity of 99% is used for TranTixxii.
*It is not titanium-zinc alloy (zinc alloy containing titanium of 0.06 to 0.2%).
Titanium alloy is used in part and for finishes. Please consult with us for details.

Is the surface of TranTixxii coated?

Elegance is finished by means of surface treatment technology, such as blasting, Anodic oxidation, polishing, and ion plating.

What about the workability of TranTixxii?

(1) Formability
It does not differ much from steel and stainless steel. It can be processed with the equipment for steel and stainless steel though some partial adjustment is required.
(2) Weldability
Seam and spot welding can be performed in the atmospheric environment as well in the same manner as stainless steel.
With regard to general welding (mainly TIG welding), severer welding management than for stainless steel is required, including the necessity of an argon gas shield.

Is TranTixxii superior in corrosion resistance, too?

TranTixxii has a strong oxide film on the surface layer. Therefore, it is equivalent in corrosion resistance to ordinary titanium.

How about economy of TranTixxii?

A long service life results in cost reduction.
  • ●Its price per weight is higher than steel or stainless steel. The price difference is reduced in terms of price per volume due to low specific gravity.
  • ●Also, adoption of thinner TranTixxii sheets in place of conventional products is possible owing to its high specific strength and high corrosion resistance. Benefits may be enjoyed depending on the conditions and environment of use with reduction in life cycle cost due to reduction in maintenance cost as well.
  • ●For example, building products (roofs and exterior walls) offer multiple advantages, such as enhanced efficiency of installation due to the reduction in weight and enhanced earthquake-resistance strength in addition to those due to reduction in life cycle cost.

Samples for trial production are requested.

Samples for trial production are requested.

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