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What is TranTixxii?
Introduction of the brand

Brand concept

Material transcending ages: Superior material properties and Elegance

TranTixxii represents “the titanium products that provide elegance” , and “the titanium material that are developed to provide elegance”.
Nippon Steel's technology, accumulated in steelmaking, and the partner companies' technologies have been combined to transform titanium, material with excellent properties, into the designing titanium “TranTixxii”, which will open up new possibilities.

TranTixxii will evolve into a common metal capable of controlling reflection and color freely and making up the world of the next generation based on the universal material properties imparted to titanium and by means of its unique and elegant surface treatment.

We provide the innovative aesthetic quality the material possesses, and contributing to the further development of the manufacturing and designing capabilities, preservation of the global environment and culture, reduction in the life cycle cost, and reduction in weight and enhancement of safety of products and buildings, based on Japan's sensibility and technologies, for a better future.

TranTixxii, not only strong, lightweight and extreme-corrosion-resistant, but also human- and environment-friendly, realizes “beauty transcending ages”.

[TranTixxii] naming concept

[TranTixxii] naming concept

Brand mark of TranTixxii, designing titanium

Brand mark of TranTixxii, designing titanium

The brand mark of TranTixxii, designing titanium, expresses the elegance of the product, rich color variations and familiarity by combining a bar imagining the oxide layer of titanium with a soft round-shaped font design.

Brand Story

From the discovery of titanium to the birth of designing titanium

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