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Fukucyo Co., Ltd.
Mr. Hitonari Takemoto

We want everyone to pay meticulous attention to nameplates, because they serve as the face of each person's home

Fukucyo Co., Ltd.
President and Representative Director
Mr. Hitonari Takemoto

  Fukucyo Co., Ltd.
  The largest manufacturer of nameplates in Japan
  This company was the first in the industry to develop and release "titanium nameplates"
  Many new nameplate products featuring cutting-edge
  TranTixxii technology are scheduled for release

The role and evolution of nameplates

©Fukucyo Co., Ltd.

In present day, almost all houses have a nameplate at their entrance, but 40 years ago, when we became a full-fledged company, not many houses had nameplates on display.

Although there are many theories on how nameplates came into fashion, this unique custom is fairly new—it is said that the start of the postal system in the Meiji era and the Great Kanto Earthquake in the Taisho era were major triggers in the nameplate movement.

The role nameplates had at that time was to simply communicate people's names to mail carriers and visitors.

Most nameplates were made from natural materials such as marble, granite, and natural wood.

As time went on, houses evolved to incorporate styles from many different countries, and nameplates started to incorporate diverse materials such as stainless steel, aluminum, iron, glass, and ceramics to keep up with these trends. In light of this, we fused ideas and technology to release many different types of innovative nameplates. As nameplates saw a wider range of designs, styles and variations, more and more users started to focus on expressing their originality through these plates.

I believe we can say that in current day, nameplates are no longer just "objects for showing people's names"—they have evolved to "objects that express people's originality."

We want customers to pay meticulous attention to nameplates, because they serve as the face of each person's home

There are two major reasons why we created titanium nameplates.

One is that they give a sense of prestigious value. "Nameplates are the faces of homes"—Our company makes careful efforts in making nameplates that will last a lifetime. Almost all people will purchase a nameplate only once in their life. We hope that everyone will be very particular about the type of nameplate that they plan to display on their house when making the biggest purchase in their life. In this way, the design titanium "TranTixxii®" is the perfect material for this application.

Another is that titanium does not rust. Japan is a country surrounded by oceans, and even stainless steel placed at inland regions may suffer from rust after a typhoon. Unlike general construction materials, even a speck of rust on a nameplate can spark complaints from customers. Many customers base their nameplate designs on Feng Shui or traditional methods for good luck, so we believe that users have every right to dislike rust or tarnished colors on their nameplates.

Future ambitions

As time goes by, we may see a radical shift in the roles and functions of nameplates compared to what we see now.

However, no matter how many decades or centuries pass, we believe that the pursuit of reliable quality and technology will always exist in people's hearts. That is why we aim for the "creation of values through authentic materials, technology, and design" and make daily efforts to pass down this Japanese tradition.

We are extremely grateful to have a new material for use in developing new products. We look forward to future material developments at Nippon Steel Corporation as well.

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