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Signer Titanium AG—Global sales

Global sales



Transcends time

Seawater-resistant and completely corrosion-resistant, light, strong and environmentally-friendly

Beautiful and versatile

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Offering Global sales
using the designing titanium TranTixxii

Global sales

Our many years of experience and technical expertise, our global network and our proven services, enable us to offer our customers outstanding added value in cooperation with Trantixxii.

Renovation of old and crumbling garage01
Renovation of old and crumbling garage
Renovation of old and crumbling garage02 Renovation of old and crumbling garage03

There was a small parking garage in the middle of the rural surrounding of Zurich,Switzerland. Although this old parking garage was built with industrially manufactured products, the ravages of time gnawed at it, so that it lent the landscape a desolate expression. We have been entrusted with the task of renewing the parking garage and thus generating a new, refreshing expression in addition to the functionality. Titanium sheet was chosen for the materialization of the small house. It also has the ability to record traces of time without disintegrating or degenerating. Its surface absorbs the natural patina and, due to its different reflective effects, it opens up a playful scope for action. The facade of the parking garage is designed as a folded structure that surrounds all sides and oscillates between the green, organic environment and technical durability.
merkli degen architekten, Zurich

Making Mockup of Xium
Renovation of old and crumbling garage04 Renovation of old and crumbling garage05

Signer Titanium AG had imported Xium, designed metalic tile developed and manufactured by IG industry corp. (Yamagata-pref.,Japan),using Nippon Steel's titanium cold rolled sheets classified in TranTixxii. And Signer Titanium built unique mockup using Xium tiles by himself. This unique and wonderful mockup is displayed inside of the head office of Signer Titanium in Freienbach, Switzerland.


Signer Titanium AG

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