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Strong points and charms


Expression of
various beauty
(Color × Texrure)

TranTixxii can display more than 100 color variations without painting. We can offer such colors that match a variety of products and environmental conditions including traditional, modern architecture, automobiles, home appliances, tableware, watches, and eyeglasses.


Stable color
Beauty that lasts over time

NIPPON STEEL has developed titanium less subject to discoloration even under the condition of acid-rain-atmosphere, which is a world-first. It is only TranTixxii that retains bright colors while resisting to ultraviolet rays and seawater. (Every products are not ensured of these kind of properties. If you need more information, contact us.)


Material variation
(Achieve high performance:Workability・High performance)

This product has been adopted for more than 600 projects in the architectural field. NIPPON STEEL has accumulated know-how in the area of cleaning technologies and processing technology. These technologies will be provided as a custmor service to customers.

Extreme corrosion resistance Titanium, readily forming stable oxide layer (in a passive state), gives excellent performance in corrosion resistance. In ordinary service environments of materials, the possibility of titanium materials hardly subject to corrosion.
Lightweight The specific gravity of titanium is equivalent to about 60% of that of iron. Titanium can contribute to the reduction in weight of products and improvement in the earthquake resistance of buildings. Also, the transport load and workload can be reduced and safety will be improved.
Great strength Titanium is almost equal to steel in strength, and thus, it is a metal of high strength per mass, namely, high specific strength.
Human- and environment-friendly Titanium is a material human-friendly enough to be used for artificial bones and the like without elution of metal ions. Also, the colors are expressed with TranTixxii without painting, leading to a reduction in VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds). Thus, it is an environment-friendly material, as well.
Resistant to bending Titanium is pliable when bent and tends to return to its former state (spring property).
Resistant to heat Regarding its thermal expansion coefficient, titanium is one-half of stainless steel and copper and one-third of aluminum, respectively. Thus, it is a metal less subject to thermal expansion due to changes in temperature. Also, titanium’s melting point is 1,668°C, higher than that for other metals, and it is certified as a non-combustible material by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism. (Certification by the Minister of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism: No. “NM-8596”)
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