Nagoya Works Coke Fire Accident Completion of measures to prevent further accidents and resumption of operation of No. 1 Coke Oven, etc.

Oct. 08, 2015

Nippon Steel & Sumitomo Metal Corporation

Nagoya Works Coke Fire Accident
Completion of measures to prevent further accidents and
resumption of operation of No. 1 Coke Oven, etc.

We once again express our deep regret for the great trouble and inconvenience caused to the local residents and those concerned by the Nagoya Works coke fire accident that occurred on September 3, 2014.

After the accident, Nippon Steel & Sumitomo Metal Corporation (“NSSMC”) promptly set up the Coke Accident Response Committee, including outside experts from academia and industry, investigated the causes of the accident, formulated measures to prevent recurrence of such accidents, and announced relevant details on April 7, 2015.

As all the measures to prevent further accidents that we considered and drew up based on the proposals of this committee are expected to have been completed, we hereby report on these measures. Furthermore, we have confirmed the status of implementation of these measures with the outside experts that were members of  this committee.

(Description of measures to prevent recurrence of accidents)
-“Triple Actions” (measures relating to the direct causes of the accident)
  Measure 1: Measure to prevent abnormal rise in coal temperature within the coal bin*
 (to keep the coal temperature within the coal bin equal to or less than 60°C)
  Measure 2: Measure to prevent hot coal from being mixed in the coal bin  (installation of
  a bin to separately store high-temperature coal, etc.)
  Measure 3: Measure to prevent fire from spreading even when coal within the coal bin
  becomes overheated (installation of a sprinkler system etc. within the bin )

-Measures related to indirect factors
 Enhancement of accident-preventive management (reinforcement of organization, promotion
 of information sharing, reinforcement of initial response capabilities, and improvement of
 risk-assessment activities)
 Standardization and enhancement of management (development of standard documents
 related to the DAPS facility*)
 Improvement of education on accident-preventive activities and not to forget lessons from
 the accident (including education focused on important disaster-prevention equipment and
 standards, the establishment of “Disaster Prevention Day”)
 * Coal bin: Equipment that temporarily stores coal to be charged into a coke oven
 * DAPS facility: A facility that dehydrates , classifies and agglomerates coal that becomes
    the raw material for coke

In light of the completion of these measures, we intend to  resume operation from October 19, 2015 (scheduled date) of the No. 1 coke oven and DAPS facility of the Nagoya Works step by step, which ceased operation after the occurrence of the accident. In addition, when operation resumes, we will make an announcement to this effect  again on our website. With regard to the resumption of operation, we intend to ensure a safe and smooth start-up by making complete preparations and conducting thorough risk elimination.

Please note as well that the ”Triple Actions” to prevent recurrence relating to last year’s power failure accidents and smoke generation were completed in August 2015.

We have reflected earnestly on the series of accidents, and will continue making the utmost, company-wide efforts to ensure safe and stable operation while hoping to restore the confidence of the local residents, customers, and those concerned. We highly value the confidence and trust of society, and we are determined to work together toward realizing our management principles that emphasize the importance of contributing to the development of communities and society through the steelmaking business. We appreciate your understanding and support regarding these measures.

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