“HAT+H” Steel Sheet Piles Adopted for Construction of Retaining wall for Mass Rapid Transit System (MRT) Project in Singapore

Sep. 03, 2015

Nippon Steel & Sumitomo Metal Corporation

“HAT+H” Steel Sheet Piles Adopted for Construction of Retaining wall for Mass Rapid Transit System (MRT) Project in Singapore

Nippon Steel & Sumitomo Metal Corporation (President: Kosei Shindo, hereinafter referred to as “NSSMC”) has delivered about 2,000 tons of Hat-type sheet piles and H-profiles to BACHY SOLETANCHE SINGAPORE PTE LTD, for construction of Gardens by the Bay Station, Thomson-East Coast Line, Project T228, for the Singapore Land Transport Authority (LTA). The construction has been awarded to a joint venture between NISHIMATSU CONSTRUCTION CO. LTD and BACHY SOLETANCHE SINGAPORE PTE LTD.
Our Hat + H steel sheet piles (hereinafter referred to as “Hat + H”) are high-rigidity and high-efficient composite sections that consist of Hat-type sheet pile (Hat 900) and H-profiles. They have already been adopted for several permanent structures overseas, such as river embankments and quay wall structures. This is the first case of the method being adopted in a temporary retaining wall structure for an MRT project overseas. The work is now being carried out with smooth progress by BACHY SOLETANCHE SINGAPORE PTE LTD.
In Singapore, H-beam as soldier pile and U-type sheet pile wall are generally adopted for the temporary retaining wall, but there are three benefits in the following by adopting NSSMC’s HAT+H.

1.High stiffness & Sectional efficiency
The Hat+H can be treated as the composite section, which means mono-section, by simply combining two members that have prominent performance to enhance the stability of the wall and design optimization. Hat-type has a slender section with a width of 900mm. H-shapes provide high rigidity to the section and making it possible to reduce the amount of weight of members by around 30 to 50 percent.

2.Ease of handling in construction phases
The Hat+H can attain 900mm width in 1 pile installation. It means that the number of piles can be reduced in prescribed wall elongation. While the conventional walls are installed with soldier piles and U-type sheet pile respectively, the Hat+H are installed with pre-combined sections simultaneously. The assembling of Hat+H is easily done by simple fillet welding exected on site near the construction phase. As a result, rapid construction can be realized.

3.High applicability for temporary wall
The Hat+H can be installed smoothly because of its closely optimized section for preventing plug effect at the tip portion of pile which leads to difficulties of installation. In addition, Hat+H can be extracted easily after the main structure has been constructed especially in the case of soil improvement work executed because the contact area between pile and soil is smaller than that of the conventional wall. NSSMC verified these performances by a piling test implemented in Singapore.

The present success with this major Singapore MRT project and our many other excellent technical proposals and proven delivery capabilities will enable us to move forward with efficient development and enhancement of productivity of infrastructure not only in Singapore but also in other construction markets overseas.

1) Fabrication of Hat +H in construction site

2) Installation of Hat +H

3) Installed Hat +H

4) Side view and Cross section of Hat +H

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