International Crankshaft, Inc. Wins Its First General Motors “Supplier of the Year” Award

Mar. 17, 2015

Nippon Steel & Sumitomo Metal Corporation

International Crankshaft, Inc. Wins Its First
General Motors “Supplier of the Year” Award

International Crankshaft, Inc. (ICI), a subsidiary of Nippon Steel & Sumitomo Metal Corporation (NSSMC) which forges automobile crankshafts in the U.S., has been awarded the 2014 General Motors Supplier of the Year Award.

Suppliers of the Year Award winners are recognized for delivering innovative technology and superior quality. This is the first GM Supplier of the Year Award for ICI. ICI believes that it has been recognized for its proactive global actions to support GM with its group companies including Japan and India.

From left: Mr. Daniel E Nicholson, GM’s Vice President Global Powertrain
               Mr. Bill McCurley, ICI's Vice President
               Mr. Nobu Masuda, ICI’s President
               Ms. Beverly J Gaskin, GM’s Executive Director Global Purchasing - Powertrain

ICI has been in business in the U.S for more than 20 years. ICI has been growing due to robust demand in North America; it is increasing its market share, primarily because of its capability as a reliable supplier such as proposals for improved engine design, high quality, stable operation, and on time delivery. A fourth forging line is planned to be operational this fall, raising ICI’s production capacity to around 4 million crankshafts annually.

NSSMC has four crankshaft forging businesses worldwide: Japan, U.S., China, and India. Its total global capacity is 11 million crankshafts, representing about 10% of the global market. NSSMC is expanding its global business, sharpening technological capabilities and cost competitiveness, and will keep responding to growing needs in the global automobile market. 

【Outline of International Crankshaft Inc. (as of the end of February 2015】
 Corporate name: International Crankshaft Inc.
 101 Carley Court, Georgetown, Kentucky 40324, U.S.A.
 Established February 1990 (Start of production: April 1992)
 President Nobuaki Masuda
 Capital US$22,000
 Shareholders NSSMC (80%), Sumitomo Corporation (20%)
 Production lines
 First forging line (6,000T press)
 Second forging line (7,000T press)
 Third forging line (6,000T high-speed press)
 Annual capacity Approximately 2.7 million crankshafts
 Team members Approximately 250

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