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Completed in 2010

The main hall of Senso-ji Temple

Nippon Steel’s blasted finish titanium (AD03, AD06, etc), press-formed into roofing tiles, is adopted for roof of the main hall of Senso-ji Temple.
Three different kinds of surface finishes made by blasting treatment are adopted to express the baking unevenness in the roofing tiles. It is based on the technology of TranTixxii, which can produce a variety of surface finishes individually. The total weight of the roof was reduced to 180 metric tons with titanium roofing tiles from 930 metric tons with the traditional Japanese roofing tiles, resulting in enhancement of its earthquake resistance. This is another reason for adoption, besides the designability of titanium.

<Information on the project>
Project name Main hall of Senso-ji Temple
Location Tokyo
Design Shimizu Corporation
Construction CANAME Co., Ltd.
Completion 2010
Product Blasted Finish
Product thickness 0.3mm