Metallic material that makes living space beautiful
Hairline-finished electroplated steel sheet
Designed Steel Sheet
We adopted a simple production method that compliments the natural steel texture to preserve steel's natural beauty while achieving a high level of functionality, which is an important product requirement.We also made sure that the final product would be lean and eco-friendly.
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New potential in product design
Is the beauty inherent in materials compatible with the functionality that final products must have? We have pursued the answer to this question for many years in manufacturing steel sheets.

By appreciating the superior properties of the metal itself instead of adding decorations, we have created exquisite designed steel sheets that are without precedent in the market.
Toward realizing the additional potential of sheet matetials with metallic texture, flexibility, and smoothness-we would like to introduce the novel light, FeLuce.
Fe: Symbol for the element iron, Luce: "Light" in Italian
Exquisite, functional steel sheets- Available in two colors
Hairlines are applied directly to the plating layer to achieve beautiful metallic texture and various function of steel sheets.

By pursing the "principle of no decoration," we have succeeded in acquiring the combination of beauty and functionality.
We offer FeLuce in two standard colors. Black FeLuce provides high-quality and subdued atmosphere; silver FeLuce's rich reflection fits well into the surrounding space.
Both colors provide new possibilities for final products and everyday lifestyles.
Design by eliminate decoration
How to keep the beauty inherent in metal materials while achieving the functionality of final products without increasing cost-

This challenge always accompanies the work of product design.

Instead of the conventional method that adds decorations to material surfaces, we invented a new production method that applies designs directly to plating layers to achieve corrosion resistance.
As a result, we developed a novel steel sheet that is superior in perceived quality, cost, and workability.

In our pursuit of steel sheets that respond to the market's various needs, FeLuce is one unique answer that we struggled to create.
Splendor supported by superior design and technology
The splendor of FeLuce, zinc-nickel alloy electroplated steel sheet with hairline surface finish, is obtained by the hairline-finished plating layer which has a thickness as thin as approximately 3 μm. In addition, the newly developed special pellicular resin coating not only maintains the metallic luminance produced by the hairline surface but satisfies various other functional requirements.

This structure ensures both beauty and functionality as well as excellent workability for flexible, sophisticated steel sheets.
Manufacturing facilities for
FeLuce is manufactured in the Hirohata Area of Setouchi Works, which is one of our important sites for supplying steel sheet products.
Manufacturing process
Examples of processing(press-formed articles)

Drawing a rectangular shell
Color:Black Silver
Sheet thickness: 0.6 mm
Outer radius R: 3.75 mm
Height of drawing: 15 mm

Color:Black Silver
Sheet thickness: 0.6 mm
Drawing ratio: 2.1
Height of drawing: 36 mm

Color:Black Silver
Sheet thickness: 0.6 mm
Producible range
- Hairlines are formed perpendicular to the sheet width direction (longitudinal direction).
- For specifications outside the producible range, please contact us.
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