The steel plate is coated by precipitating metal from a metal ion solution in an electrochemical reaction. The surface is beautifully uniform, and since no heat is involved in the coating process, the properties of the organization steel plate remain unchanged. It is used primarily in consumer electronics, OA equipment, and electronic components.


NS ZINKOTE series used in high-performance consumer electronics and OA equipment

[Main finished products that use the NS ZINKOTE series

Application (Example) Components
Flat-screen TVs Chassis, various parts
Copiers, printers Various parts

Primary characteristics of NS ZINKOTE series

Using a variety of chromate-free specialty coatings, the NS ZINKOTE series characteristics can be tailored to suit the application.

Chromate-free specialty coatings realize
barrier effects, self-healing, and excellent coating adhesion.

The versatile NS ZINKOTE series lineup

Nippon Steel & Sumikin's proprietary organic and inorganic coatings provide a lineup of products with a variety of characteristics.

Various products in the NS ZINKOTE series (and typical characteristics)

About the coatings Required characteristics Product
Organic coatings
  • The effect of the surface coating is to realize high formability and lubricity.
  • Tends to repel water well.
Focusing on conductivity: QS1 (good conductivity, smudge-proof) is a standard thin film with well-balanced conductivity and corrosion resistance.
Focusing on corrosion resistance/scratch resistance QF1 (highly corrosion resistant, smudge-proof) is a specialty thick-film coating with very high corrosion resistance.
Focusing on corrosion resistance/scratch resistance QFK (slick, smudge-proof) is highly corrosion resistant and slick
Inorganic coatings
  • Excellent conductivity and adhesion in a thin film.
  • Can also be made compatible with water-based paints.
  • Tends not to be water repellent.
Focusing on conductivity, coating performance and ironing performance QM (high-performance (inorganic)) thin film is highly conductive, and has sufficient corrosion resistance.

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