Kashima Works Iron-making Area Center to Be Rebuilt

Jul. 29, 2013

Nippon Steel & Sumitomo Metal Corporation

Kashima Works Iron-making Area Center to Be Rebuilt
---Pilotis Construction Strong against Tsunami---

On July 22, we started rebuilding the Iron-making Area Center (administration building) of Kashima Works. The Works sustained damage to part of the production and shipping facilities from the Great East Japan Earthquake. In order to ensure the safety and security of people working in and around the iron-making area of the Works, this Center will be rebuilt as a structure specifically designed to provide greater safety from tsunami.

For this Center, we have adopted the "pilotis construction," a design concept being proposed by the Japan Iron and Steel Federation for earthquake & tsunami-resistant structures to serve as bases at times of disaster. In the pilotis construction, the ground story, characteristically, has only independent bearing columns, eliminating walls and providing atrium-like open space, to allow tsunami waves to flow through them, thus evading their destructive forces.

For columns, EG-COLUMN (round pipe column made by high-efficiency electro-gas arc welding), which is developed by us jointly with KATAYAMA STRATECH CORP. and others, will be used. For beams, HYPER BEAM® (external-dimension constant H-shape) and SMART BEAM® (welded light-gauge H-shape), both our key structural products, are used. Steel structure has the futures of a short construction term and low cost. It also can take a large spanning and realize flexible space with few columns.

Based on the results of this rebuilding project and others, we shall continue to propose steel-structures that are strong and reliable at times of disaster.

Outline of Kashima Works Iron-making Area Center:
  • Construction: 3 stories above the ground
  • Building area: approx. 1700 m2
  • Construction start: July 2013
  • Completion: October 2014
  • Number of users per ordinary day: approx. 100 persons
  • Estimated maximum number of evacuees to be housed at times of disaster: approx. 1400 persons

Conceptual drawing of the building at completion.

For inquiries, please contact:
Public Relations Center, General Administration Div.
Tel: +81-3-6867-2135

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