Corrosion resistance of Super 13Cr for Line Pipe application was proved in a joint R&D program with Shell.

Jul. 11, 2013

Nippon Steel & Sumitomo Metal Corporation

Corrosion resistance of Super 13Cr for Line Pipe application was proved in a joint R&D program with Shell.

Corrosion resistance of Super 13Cr Line Pipe (S13Cr) was proved in a joint R&D program with Shell a global group of energy and petrochemical companies. We expect that S13Cr will be more widely used in severe oil and gas transport condition because of the proved performance of the product.

During recent years, the environments in oil and gas fields have tended to become more severe. For pipes which are used for drilling and transportation of oil and gas, resistance to corrosion is required especially when exposed to fluids containing carbon dioxide, hydrogen sulfide and chlorides. Reasonable prices and stability of supply are also essential.

Previously, extensive prequalification testing was required to prove the suitability of S13Cr, especially in situations where corrosion was a possibility due to the welding process during installation. Researchers from both Shell and NSSMC used the most advanced Transmission Electron Microscopes which allowed minute analysis of the microstructure and chemical composition of the S13Cr material to prove its suitability. The findings were published by Shell at the NACE International Corrosion conference this year, confirming that the corrosion performance of S13Cr can be ensured by heat treatment after welding.

NSSMC and Shell have a long term contract called EFA (Enterprise Framework Agreement). Under this EFA, NSSMC is committed not only to supply its products but also to improve the product reliability, total cost reduction including installation of pipelines at site and providing technical solutions such as optimum heat treatment conditions after welding.

NSSMC will continue to stimulate technical developments to contribute more to the oil and gas industry that is facing more challenging environments.

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