Solution Proposals to Meet Customer Needs

Nippon Steel has been making advances in the development of solutions for the next-generation steel car concept NSafe™-AutoConcept (NSAC), which was announced in 2019. In anticipation of the performance required for each component of a next-generation steel car, which must embody substantial weight reduction and improved safety, we have been developing, in NSAC, advanced materials, as well as component structures (to maximize material performance) and processing technologies (for these structures). steelworks receive the plan, and manage the progress of each single product, while keeping in mind the productivity of each manufacturing base. These units work for optimal processing from manufacturing to shipment, and delivering products as scheduled. At present, the automobile environment is facing many changes including CASE, MaaS and the call for carbon neutrality, and various functions have become required for the vehicle body and components. Against this background, Nippon Steel is expanding the application range of NSAC technology for next-generation steel vehicles and is strengthening efforts to create value for customers and society by so doing.

In addition to activities “before service, ”we provide“ after service, ”in which our engineers visit customers’manufacturing sites on a regular basis, bring back the “voices of customers” to their own worksites, and thus ensure further improvement in developing steel materials.

Comprehensive solutions for customers

Comprehensive solutions for customers

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