Providing Total Solutions

Contribute to Customers by Providing Comprehensive Solutions

In general, it is customers who do the final processing of steel products. Nippon Steel thus contributes to quality enhancement of customers’products by providing them with comprehensive solutions including proposals on process technologies, in addition to improving the quality of materials.

Example of solution: High-tensile steel sheets for automobiles

High-tensile steel sheets for automobiles are required to satisfy needs for weight reduction to lessen environmental burden and for vehicle body stability. They are thin, strong, and hence difficult to process. Based on our long relationships of trust with customers, we are engaged from the design and development stage of automobile bodies, use our forming, joining, and analysis technologies, and develop easy-to-process steel materials with high performance. At the same time, we propose a wide range of solutions, including methods of processing, which utilize steel materials’ properties, shapes, and structures. In addition to activities “before service, ”we provide“ after service, ”in which our engineers visit customers’manufacturing sites on a regular basis, bring back the “voices of customers” to their own worksites, and thus ensure further improvement in developing steel materials.

Comprehensive solutions for customers

Comprehensive solutions for customers

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