Providing Products and Services from Customers’ Perspective

Seek to Be No. 1 in Customer Satisfaction

The relationships of trust with our customers and their satisfaction, which we have gained by providing products and services to them from the customer’s point of view, are our precious assets. We will seek to ensure that our customers say “only Nippon Steel can do this,” with the aim of being the No. 1 steelmaker in terms of customer satisfaction.

Received the Supplier of the Year Award from General Motors in the United States

International Crankshaft, Inc. (ICI), a subsidiary of the Nippon Steel Group that forges automobile crankshafts in the United States, has been awarded the 2014 General Motors Supplier of the Year Award. The award is given to suppliers for their outstanding contributions by bringing General Motors (GM) their most innovative technologies, highest quality services, and work.
The Nippon Steel Group’s crankshaft business has approximately 10% of the global crankshaft market with four crankshaft forging businesses worldwide—in Japan, the United States, China, and India. Having been in business in the United States for over 20 years, ICI is growing due to robust demand in North America and an increase in market share, driven by its design proposal capabilities, high quality, stable operations, and on-time delivery. ICI plans to start an additional forging line in fi scal 2015. ICI received this award for the fi rst time for its high technological capabilities and proactive global actions to support GM with its Group companies, including those in Japan and India.

From left: Mr. Daniel E. Nicholson, GM Vice President Global Powertrain,
Mr. Bill McCurley, ICI Vice President;Mr. Nobu Masuda, ICI President,
Ms. Beverly J. Gaskin, GM Executive Director Global Purchasing—Powertrain

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